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Does Traktor work with Tidal?

Traktor from Native Instruments is probably the most popular DJ rig emulator software. It is an application for mixing and creating remixes. The utility provides a large selection of special effects and useful tools for working with music compositions. There is also a function for recording audio from external sources. So, with Traktor, your personal computer, a little bit of patience, and you will play as well as your colleagues on the ” iron”.

Does Traktor work with tidal?

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The program is fully compatible with the Windows operating system on 32 and 64-bit editions. The utility can be installed on Windows XP and newer versions. MacOS is supported. The application language is English, the Russian version is not supported.

The only difficulty you may have in getting started with the program is setting it up properly. Some persons may also argue that Traktor has a complicated interface, however, if you have understood the mechanics of your CD-player and mixer, you will find the Traktor interface to be simple and intuitive.

Pros and cons of Traktor DJ studio

You will appreciate all the benefits of this soft:

  • four multifunctional consoles to work with your music;
  • several changeable equalizers;
  • the ability to record audio from external sources;
  • access to a background file analyzer.

Meanwhile, it is necessary to know about some disadvantages:

  • lack of official languages support;
  • complex interface (for some users).

As you know, not so long ago, Rekordbox (the popular DJ software that is a competitor of Traktor) got a new update that broadens the range of features for its users. With this update, Rekordbox now works with Tidal. However, does Traktor work with Tidal? Unfortunately, these services do not work together because Traktor does not support any music service similar to Tidal. However, according to its developers statements, they work hard to make this possible, so we should wait, and only.

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