Does YouTube have a mini-player?

The mini-player YouTube is a reduced version player that displays the video played in the browser in a small window in the lower right corner of the window and allows you to play it as is or perform basic operations, such as stopping and moving to the next song.

To display the Mini Player, you must click «Enable Mini Player» to the right of «Settings» from the work icons lined up in the lower right corner of the video screen.

Does YouTube have a mini-player
  1. Click the part of the Mini Player screen that does not have a button or control panel to return to the original video playback page. Click «x» in the upper right corner to end the mini player.
  2. Of course, you can also perform operations such as pause/play and next. To pause, rewind, or move to the next or previous video, use the appropriate buttons in the Control Panel.
  3. If you click another video icon from the home page, it also opens in the mini player.

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This is the size of a mini player that does not prevent you from doing other work on your computer, so you can use it, for example, when you want to play a music video as background music on the YouTube. But it is unlikely that it will be possible to fully watch videos or music clips in this format.

This feature is very convenient, especially for those users who often use this platform as an additional when they themselves are working on another task on their computer. By the way, this is how you can search for other content on the YouTube without interrupting the playback of the current one.

The presence of such an option in the service makes its use very comfortable. The only downside of the mini-player remains the modest window format on the home screen of the computer.

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