Does YouTube Music have a mini player?

A basic set of media management features is available even in Chrome. But the use of YouTube Music Mini Player gives the user even more opportunities. For example, he can control playlists, view lyrics directly in a mini-player, and so on.

Unfortunately, the web version of YouTube Music is largely inferior in functionality mobile analogue. She has no equalizer, smart downloads, lyrics and more. Fortunately, there are extensions in the Chrome browser that make up for these shortcomings.

Just make sure that the YouTube Music Mini Player icon is on the top of your browser and that you can access it when you need it.

The extension allows users to manage music anywhere. The mini-player has a wide functionality. It allows you to pause the played musical composition, play, clear the music playlist, adjust the volume, view and control the sequence of music tracks and much more.

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Using a mini-player, there is no need to enter the YouTube Music application every time there is a desire to change the music track being played. This feature, like others, becomes available to the user on each web page. It is only worth pressing the button on the computer monitor using the media key.

The relatively small experience of users makes it possible to safely claim that the platform combines the best features of other streaming services. Users also note a very convenient, multifunctional and intuitive interface of the mini-player, even a user without computer knowledge can navigate to the second.

YouTube Music Mini Player is distributed by subscription. By issuing a paid subscription, the user receives a free trial period of 30 days from the date of payment.

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