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Does YouTube Premium Include YouTube Music Premium?

For many and many people who are passionate about music, YouTube has become the main source of music, videos, news and life hacks. Considering that music turned out to be one of the most popular categories, the appearance of YouTube Music and YouTube Premium services can be considered an important event for all Internet users.

Of the music content, YouTube users most often watch clips, concerts, collections of videos from previous years, interviews with musicians, and also thematic channels. There are no restrictions on video: from manuals to news from around the world and jokes.

With YouTube Music, you can subscribe to a huge catalog of music. YouTube Premium is the same, only about videos and with advanced functionality: now you can download the video you like to your device, and simply disable ads.

This is not the first time that Google has competed with itself. Since YouTube also belongs to this Internet giant, there will be no one to be sad that users will leave one service for another. But Google has a great opportunity to win over the audience of alternative sites like Spotify and Apple Music.

The service will appeal to everyone for whom YouTube has become the main source of music. Regular videos and music videos will also be available on a subscription basis, but the main focus is on audio. YouTube Music makes it easy to follow music icons, be the first to listen to hits, and get access to the latest. There are advantages, and for music lovers they are significant: music is available not only from official albums, but also live performances or cover versions that were not previously released separately. Plus, in the service you can listen to any music uploaded by other users.

Otherwise, YouTube Music is similar to its competitors: here you can also create playlists, recommendations, and selections. You can connect the service from a smartphone on Android or iOS – the manufacturer did not set any restrictions.

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Another interesting feature of YouTube Music is smart search. Of course, without the technology of Google itself, it could not do here. It is especially convenient to search for songs about which you know very little: for example, one phrase from the chorus, or you can describe in one sentence what the artist is singing about. This is almost the same Shazam, but with a bias towards text rather than sound search.

If you periodically work at a computer, it will be convenient to use the YouTube Music service in the web version, through a browser. The interface of the desktop version is similar, but adapted for horizontal orientation and a larger screen. Here comes the support for the picture-in-picture function, when music is played in the background. If you want to play YouTube Music on other multimedia devices, no problem: the service works great on Chromecast and smart TVs.

You can try YouTube Music and Premium for free for the first three months. You can cancel your subscription at any time in the “Paid Subscriptions” – “Manage” section, after which YouTube Music with ads will continue to work on your device.

So, when you subscribe to YouTube Premium, you can also use the YouTube Music Premium subscription.

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