Does YouTube TV Include YouTube Premium?

YouTube TV is a paid subscription that gives subscribers access to live TV from top broadcast TV channels, popular cable TV channels, and premium channels. The subscriber has access to popular shows that can only be seen on YouTube and are exclusive. In general, a YouTube TV subscription provides many benefits.

In addition to access to exclusive video content, YouTube TV subscribers have the ability to enjoy YouTube and YouTube Music without ads, and can play audio and video content offline and in the background.

Many users ask if YouTube Premium is included with YouTube TV. Unfortunately, in this case, the answer is no. YouTube Premium is not part of a YouTube TV subscription.

YouTube Premium is a paid subscription that costs $11.99. This is the monthly amount that the user has to pay for the services of the service, which include watching videos without ads for running the application in the background and access to original video content from YouTube and many TV shows that can also be called exclusive.

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Live streaming platform YouTube TV is offering its subscribers a $65 monthly subscription fee. This amount will provide access to the 90 most popular video channels. There is no need for additional equipment.

New YouTube TV subscribers can get a free trial for a maximum of one week. But already on the second week, you will need to start paying for the services of the service. The YouTube TV team periodically holds promotions that allow new users to pay less for monthly use over a certain period.

Music and video lovers believe that YouTube TV has several significant drawbacks. The first is the high price of this service, which is not available to all users, especially in economically weak regions of the world. In addition, the service does not pursue a flexible tariff policy, so the cost of its services is the same all over the world, which does not take into account the different financial situation of potential subscribers.

The second significant drawback is the relatively limited geographical coverage of this service. As a rule, the lion’s share of its users is located in North America in the United States of America and Canada.

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