Dog-walker of Lady Gaga first interviewed after being injured

Recall that in late February, Ryan Fisher, who played the role of dog walker Lady Gaga, was wounded by four pistol shots. It happened late in the evening in a suburb of Los Angeles. At this time, Ryan was walking with three of the singer’s favorite dogs. Lady Gaga herself for several days was busy in Italy filming a new film dedicated to the secret of the murder of Senor Gucci.

Unknown people who opened fire were able to steal two French bulldogs of the singer, the third dog managed to escape. Subsequently, the criminals fled the scene of the crime in a white BMW car. Lady Gaga provided great financial assistance to Ryan Fisher’s family, and also awarded a reward of half a million dollars for the return of dogs and any information that would help find criminals. A few days later, the dogs were returned intact and unharmed by an unknown woman, who, according to her, simply found them in the city.

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Describing this incident in detail for the first time, Fisher wrote on Instagram: «A few days ago, when the car washed up and blood poured from my gunshot wound, the angel ran up and lay down next to me. I smiled at her trembling figure, grateful that at least she would be fine». The angel is a hint of Gaga’s other dog, Asiya, who managed to escape during the assassination attempt.

Fisher bleeding was discovered by the Los Angeles police, after which he was taken to the clinic in serious condition. Today he has begun to actively improve and is already communicating with subscribers in social networks.

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