Doja Cat Preparing Punk Album In 2023

Contemporary pop and fashion icon Doja Cat has announced that she is working on a more punk and masculine album. The news has fallen, the next Doja Cat album will be released sometime in 2023. During an interview with Variety, the pop star revealed everything we could expect from her next musical arc.

While those first three albums “Amala”, “Hot Pink”, and “Planet Her” were a resounding success, the young woman offered us a feminine, girly, pastel side of her personality in “Say So”.

But this time, we warn fans, in this new project we can expect just the opposite. Over the past few years, Doja Cat has shown her ability in various musical genres (rap, hip-hop, pop and RnB). His next task is to release an album with a pure punk sound.

Normally, Doja Cat albums cover many musical genres, but this time the 27-year-old singer was adamant that if the album was punk, she wouldn’t use the sounds of any other genre at all.

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Post Malone and Doja Cat join forces and release a romantic song called “I Like You (A Happyier Song)”. In this ballad, two artists evoke love in all its manifestations. A risky bet, but a challenge that an artist with 16 Grammy nominations is ready to take on. The singer intends to make a courageous picture of her new album, which will give her a completely new shade in her many years of work.

Along with “I Like You”, Doja Cat presents the highly anticipated Elvis Movie Soundtrack for Summer 2022. This film is a biopic about the life of a man called the King. The first images of the singer’s voice in the track “Vegas” have been published.

In the Elvis cast we find Austin Butler, known for his role in Once Upon a Time in Hollywood, as well as Tom Hanks, Olivia DeJong, Maggie Gyllenhaal and Dacra Montgomery from Stranger Things.

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