Dolly Parton was vaccinated against COVID-19

Dolly Parton is a country icon, she is 75 years old today. Most recently, it played one of its most famous songs, including the most recent music.

A few months ago, Dolly Parton gave financial support to the development of the Moderna vaccine. She donated $ 1 million to the Vanderbilt University Medical Laboratory in Nashville.

The popular singer said she took the vaccine very seriously. Dolly believes that all the people in the world want to get back to their normal lives regardless of what it takes to get a coronavirus vaccine and get vaccinated.

The «Moderna» vaccine offers about 90-95% protection against ear viruses. The vaccine is the second known vaccine to be announced after the experimental immunization.

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Speaking to reporters, the famous singer also shocked the audience by twice rejecting the Medal of Freedom from President Donald Trump, whom he wanted to award her.

In January of that year, Tennessee representative John Wendell drafted and introduced a bill proposing the erection of a memorial in her hometown of Nashville to the singer who has become the epitome of country style. Previously, more than 25000 fans had signed a similar petition.

Fans of the singer praised her financial and moral contribution to the development of a vaccine for coronavirus and her example in vaccination, which she urges people to resist the virus.

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