Download МP3 Music From Bugs

The music streaming service Bugs Music is considered the leader in the Korean market for high quality sound. At the same time, the service cannot be called the leader in the popularity rating, especially after the appearance of world streaming music monsters like Spotify and SoundCloud on the Korean music market. But downloading songs on this streaming service is not as easy as it might seem at first glance.

The service itself is free, more precisely, its basic version. But for a more complete set of functions you have to pay. The subscription price varies, depending on the maximum number of downloaded songs per month. More precisely, in each of the tariffs there is a limit on the maximum number of downloaded songs. For example, in MP3 format, you can download no more than 100 songs at a subscription price of 23,900 won, which is almost $20 per month.

You can buy/download MP3s directly from your device. Purchased songs are stored in My Music – Purchased Music for at least one year (some songs cannot be re-downloaded after one year due to the policy of the respective company) and three devices (including PC via the Internet / smartphone / tablet PC). You can download purchased music from My Music > Purchased Music Online for PC and Bugs Player and so on without purchasing it again.

 Download МP3 Music From Bugs

  You can select the desired song, click Save and Download. On the MP3 download page, you can check the list of songs you want to purchase and the number of remaining songs if you buy a ticket. If you want to download a song that cannot be purchased through a subscription and can only be purchased separately at the request of the rights company, it will appear as a separately purchased song and you can check the amount to be paid additionally.

 Songs that were interrupted during the download process must be downloaded again from the beginning of the stopped song. Next, check the download quality of MP3 songs. You can set or change the download quality in the menu under Settings > Sound quality and sound effects > Download quality. At that point, special attention should be paid, because incorrectly specified boot parameters will definitely lead to an incorrect result.

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The limit on the number of downloaded tracks means that this is the maximum number of songs that can be downloaded in this tariff. You can download fewer songs, but no more.

You can change the MP3 download folder and file name, you can also change the download folder and change the file name.

 Among regular albums, albums that can only be purchased in their entirety at the request of the respective company cannot be purchased separately or with a download rate.

You can download albums after purchasing them individually by clicking the Buy Album button on the album information page. When purchasing the entire album, discounts may apply to certain songs. You should also keep an eye on the promotions of the music streaming service. During these events, you can download some songs in MP3 format for free

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