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Download iTunes To MacBook - How To Do It

If you’ve found yourself staring at your MacBook screen, perplexed about how to download iTunes after Apple’s latest update, you’re not alone. Fear not, for navigating the new landscape of Apple Music on your Mac is simpler than it seems.

Accessing Apple Music on your Mac is a breeze, especially if your operating system is macOS Catalina or a newer version. Simply locate the Apple Music icon in your Dock – it’s that multicolored musical note symbol that’s hard to miss. If it’s not in your Dock, don’t panic. Click the Launchpad icon, then select Music.

Once you’ve clicked your way into Apple Music, you might be tempted by a free trial offer. It’s a tempting proposition, and if you’re game, hit “Try It Free.” If not, a simple “Not Now” will suffice.

Now, brace yourself for the authorization process. Head to Account > Authorizations > Authorize This Computer. You can authorize up to five computers, and here’s a nugget of wisdom – iPhones and iPads don’t count as computers. Enter your Apple ID and password, hit “Authorize.” You’re in.

To bask in the nostalgia of your iTunes purchases, navigate to the Library on the left pane and choose your poison – perhaps ‘Songs’ for a trip down musical memory lane.

For those inclined to expand their musical horizons, venture into the iTunes Store within Apple Music. Select a song or album, endure the mandatory purchase ritual by entering your Apple ID and password, and your music library gains a new resident.

Feel the need to share the love? Click the arrow next to a song for options like gifting, sharing on social media, or grabbing a link. It’s the modern mixtape experience, sans the cassette deck.

5 Quick Steps for Apple Music Mastery:

  1. Locate the Apple Music icon in the Dock or via Launchpad.
  2. Opt for the free trial or a rain check when prompted.
  3. Authorize your computer by navigating to Account > Authorizations.
  4. Dive into your past iTunes purchases via the Library.
  5. Explore the iTunes Store within Apple Music for new acquisitions.

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Now, what if you’ve parted ways with your iTunes files or desire a fresh start? Fear not – downloading previous iTunes purchases is a breeze. Make sure your computer is authorized (yes, we’ve been through this drill) and open Apple Music. Head to Account > Authorizations > Authorize This Computer, just to be sure.

Navigate to the iTunes Store within Apple Music and select ‘Purchased’ under Music Quick Links. Behold a treasure trove of past acquisitions, ready for download. Feeling bold? Hit the download icon for individual items or go all-in with a grand gesture by selecting ‘Download All.’

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