Download Music From Spotify

The Swedish music streaming service Spotify is a great choice for those who truly love music. But the use of this platform is directly related to the Internet connection. If there is no Internet, then you can not listen to streaming music. What is the way out of this situation? You can simply download streaming music to your device.

This is a good way to enjoy this music without using mobile data. A feature of interest to many Spotify users. Therefore, below are the steps we need to follow in order to download music on the popular streaming app.

One aspect that is recommended to do in the first case is to choose a location to download said music. Spotify allows us to choose in this case, especially if we have a microSD card in the phone, which will allow us not to take up space on the phone’s memory. This can be handy when we plan to download a lot of songs to the phone thanks to this feature.

In Spotify, we have several options for downloading music. We can download songs individually, whether there are songs that are of particular interest to us, on CDs or in playlists. We can also download the whole album or the whole playlist. These are the options we have in the app. Depending on the needs, we can choose what we want on a case-by-case basis.

If you want to download an album or some of the songs from it, we need to login to Spotify profile or album page. There we will see that we have the option to download because we have a premium account in the application. If you want to download the entire disc, click on this download option. If we are interested in separate fragments of the same track, then next to each track there is an icon with three vertical dots. By clicking on it, we have several options, one of which is download. So we click on it. Make sure you have a Spotify Premium account and:
• Launch Spotify right now. Press the Spotify app key on your keyboard. This will turn on the Spotify home screen when you log in.
• Click a directory. It was a button in the lower right corner of the display.
• Click clips. This section appears mostly in the center of the display and also in the center of the list. This will show a selection of Spotify music tracks.
• Select a playlist. Most often, on the track lists tab, click the song list that includes the tracks you want to stream.
• Press the dark download button. It is currently in the top right corner of the window. The change may then turn green to indicate that the tracks are now uploading here to the Spotify app.

It is also possible to add each song to a playlist in the app. After creating the list, we can download it completely. So this is another good way to access all the songs in the app. In the playlist section, click on the icon with three vertical dots next to them. One of the options is download, so we click on it and this playlist will be downloaded to the phone.

We’ve been seeing podcasts gaining popularity on Spotify for a long time now. The range is growing and we can do more and more things with them. One of the features available is to download these podcasts.

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Similar to downloading songs, in this case it’s a feature that only users with a premium account can have. But there are certainly many who want to.

In this case, we will have to search for the podcast that interests us. Recently, Spotify also gives us the option to put them in playlists. So if we want to follow the same system as before by creating a playlist and then downloading that playlist, that is also possible. Or we can download the podcast directly to the phone. Everyone chooses the most convenient option in their case.

In any case, we must enter the podcast profile and enter the episode of interest to us. In it we click on the three vertical dots and a series of options will appear. We will only have to click on the download option for this podcast to be in the location we selected earlier.

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