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Drake began shooting of new musical video

Admirers noticed the famous Canadian rapper Drake on shooting of the new music video which is shot in his hometown of Toronto. According to people from the team of the rapper, the clip will come out not earlier than next April.

Besides, the famous rapper Drake appeared on social networks again. This time to show a small fragment of what can become his new work in the future. On video the composer writes down the clip from own bed accompanied by several members of the music band.

Drake already several times showed the magnificent bed in social networks. The Canadian rapper ensured comfortable stay in bed with an excellent mattress, having invested in him nearly 400,000 euros. His mattress weighs no more half tones, has leather edges and his exact creation required about 600 business hours manually. The company making them is considered «the most magnificent in the world» and only creates about twelve such units of production a year.

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At the rapper the house of 465 square meters and on him the basketball platform with regulations of NBA.

In each new clip, the Canadian celebrity emphasizes divisive lifestyle and is not modest. His fans are familiar not only with the luxurious apartments of the favorite performer, but also with his cars, yachts and beautiful girls accompanying a celebrity.

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