Drake In Billboard 100

It just so happens today that American-Canadian rapper Aubrey Graham Drake now has more Top 5 songs on the Billboard Hot 100 than any artist in history. It would seem that this is very surprising. But let’s not jump to conclusions.

When the legendary John Lennon said in 1966 – perhaps in jest, or perhaps quite seriously – that the Beatles were more popular than Jesus, he had no idea that 20 years later, another son would rise in the musical tastes of music lovers to an incredible a height that the Beatles themselves would envy today.

For decades, Liverpool’s Fab Four have been considered the elite, producing the most songs ever to reach the top five standout singles charts in the global pop canon, the Billboard Hot 100, with an incredible 29. That is until today, when DJ Song Khaled “Lost” featuring Drake and Lil Baby finished in fifth place.

Yes, music lovers might be tempted to argue that some of Aubrey Drake’s best-selling, most-streamed and top-charting tracks are features, not cuts on which he is the main artist. Yeah, that practice basically didn’t exist when the Beatles released an album every four to six months. Yes, the Beatles haven’t even been together for a whole decade.

But don’t let anyone tell you that Drake isn’t a hard-working guy, fully capable of musical reimaginings and all sorts of stylistic excesses that capture – or even shape – our musical spirit as easily as Mr. Lennon’s turns and screams.

Yes, Drake has truly become an icon of North American and global rap, with hundreds of millions of followers around the world. Rap, which was born in the black neighborhoods of New York, entered the wide field from the dark alleys of Brooklyn, has become today the most popular musical genre in the United States of America and Canada, which, in fact, is Drake.

Few music hits in the history of the Billboard charts managed to stay at the top of the chart for several weeks in a row. Even two weeks was considered a great achievement and predicted a successful career as an artist.

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For comparison, some of Drake’s compositions held the top spot for 19 weeks in a row, which is simply an unprecedented phenomenon in the global music industry.

 Billboard 100 displays the most popular tracks and albums from the last week. The ranking is calculated based on the number of physical and virtual sales of albums and tracks of an artist or group, as well as the number of streams on music streaming services, which is also a very important indicator of popularity.

Music streaming services have become very important in the world of music. The music business today is largely focused on them. For example, more than 80% of all music content today is broadcast using such services.

This figure is very impressive and makes music producers, labels and artists themselves be extremely attentive to the information of music ratings, which are published weekly by the music and information American magazine Billboard .

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