Drake Released New Album

Drake and 21 Savage released the album “Her Loss”. The sensational collaborative album Her Loss from the blocks of the global music industry, rappers Drake and 21 Savage, has officially seen the light of day, according to Pitchfork. Lineup: canonical trap, melodic Drake, harsh Savage and unexpected Travis Scott.

Drake is a Canadian rapper, singer, songwriter, record producer, actor, and entrepreneur. Born October 24, 1986 in Toronto. He started his musical journey with several self-released mixtapes such as “Room for Improvement” and “Comeback Season”.

In 2010, Drake released his first full length studio album, “Thank Me Later”, which debuted at number one on the US and Canadian charts and was certified platinum. The following year, the hip-hop artist released his second album, “Take Care”, which included such hits as “Make Me Proud” featuring Nicki Minaj and “Take Care” featuring Rihanna. Drake won his first Grammy for the album. In 2022, the artist released his seventh official album. The record, titled “Honestly, Nevermind”, contained more vocals and dance club rhythms than his previous works.

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Having laughed a lot at the listeners confused by fake announcements of performances, Drake and 21 Savage decided to release the long-awaited joint project “Her Loss”. Confident in form, funny and sometimes ambiguous in content, the new album of artists sounds surprisingly light and life-affirming.

Throughout the album, Drake alternates the usual melodic recitative with lingering choruses, and Savage, without changing his style, shares his life experience rather monotonously. All in all, much more interesting than Honestly, Nevermind (2022), which Aubrey fans have received mixed reviews.

In addition to making music, Drake also co-founded October’s Very Own (OVO) in 2008. In 2012, he became the record label of OVO Sound. However, the company’s biggest source of income was its clothing line. It started in 2010 when OVO collaborated with Canada Goose on a limited edition bomber jacket. Other partnerships soon followed, including with Nike, Timberland and BAPE.

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