Dro Kenji - "UDNTLUVME"

The ward of the famous producer association Internet Money – Dro Kenji – opens 2023 with a sensual and soulful composition called “UDNTLUVME”.

The muted atmosphere of the work, done in a minimalist style, focuses the listeners’ attention on the apathetic mood of the rapper, tormented by unrequited love.

The beat is the work of Census, DxnnyFxntom, Cxdy, Rio Leyva, Taz Taylor and Vendr.

The production on “UDNTLUVME” is top-notch, with each beat-maker bringing their own unique style to the table. The result is a hauntingly beautiful melody that perfectly complements Dro Kenji’s introspective lyrics.

The song’s lyrics revolve around a love interest who doesn’t reciprocate his feelings. Dro Kenji’s vulnerable delivery captures the pain and frustration of unrequited love, while also showcasing his impressive vocal range.

The release of “UDNTLUVME” comes on the heels of Dro Kenji’s breakout year in 2022, which saw him gain widespread attention for his unique style and emotive lyrics. As a member of the Internet Money collective, Dro Kenji has access to some of the best producers in the game, and he uses that advantage to craft his own unique sound.

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With “UDNTLUVME”, Dro Kenji has once again proven that he is a rising star in the rap industry. His ability to capture complex emotions and convey them through his music is what sets him apart from his peers, and fans are eagerly anticipating what he has in store for the rest of 2023.

“UDNTLUVME” is a testament to Dro Kenji’s talent and his ability to create music that resonates with listeners. The song’s introspective lyrics and haunting production are a reflection of his unique style and vulnerability as an artist. As he continues to gain more recognition, it’s clear that Dro Kenji is a force to be reckoned with in the rap industry. With each release, he showcases his versatility and creativity, and fans are excited to see where his career takes him next. “UDNTLUVME” is just the beginning of what promises to be a successful year for Dro Kenji, and it’s clear that he has a bright future ahead of him.

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