Duff McKagan of Guns N'Roses presented a track from youth

Before Duff McKagan became one of the most popular bands in rock and roll history, Duff McKagan was a punk rocker in Seattle. And now his fans will be able to hear how the 17-year-old musician played in the previously unreleased album of his first youth group.

According to the bass player, these youthful tracks were the turning point of his life when he joined the group and community, plunging headlong into the world of music and creativity. And these guys from the punk band have become his brothers and remain in their souls so far. Together with McKagan, vocalist John Conte, bassist Todd Fleishman and drummer Greg Gilmore were in it. It was the latter who initiated the release of old recordings, although, according to the bass player himself, he had this idea in his head for many years.

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Duff McKagan has dreamed of releasing these recordings since they were made. They became a fantastically realistic document about the difficult and tense moments of the musician’s youth, the memory of which remained with him for life.

It is assumed that the full version of the single should appear on most popular music streaming services in mid-April this year.

The musician admits that he is very grateful to friends his youth for having managed to preserve the original recordings of the group’s performances of those times, which formed the basis of the presented musical composition.

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