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Eddie Murphy laughs

Maybe not everyone knows, but one of Hollywood’s most popular stars, Eddie Murphy, also became famous as a musician. He released three music albums between the 1980s and 1990s. Eddie Murphy said he would not collaborate with the young and attractive Megan Tee in recording a new video. The comedian and actor, who is also known for 1985 hit «Party All The Time», said when talking to reporters that he was too old to make plans for fruitful cooperation with young and bright stars like Megan.

Eddie recently performed on the show, the full version of which will be available no earlier than March 11, and said that he is now completely busy promoting his own film «Coming To America-2».

Murphy said: «I stopped releasing music, but I still do music constantly. This is what young people do».

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It should be noted that Eddie Murphy and earlier during his long film career received proposals to create music videos with famous, mainly American, performers. Murphy also recorded music albums and voiced several characters, including Donkey in the Shrek franchise and dragon Mushu in the Mulan cartoon.

He was also the background vocalist of The Bus Boys. Their song «The Boys Are Back in Town» was featured in the movie «Forty-Eight Hours» and the stand-up comedy «In Delirium». As a solo artist, in 1982, Eddie Murphy released his debut self-titled album, which became successful, receiving gold status and a Grammy Award nomination.

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