Eddie Murphy Ready To Reprise His Role

While there are rumors that a new opus of the Shrek saga is being prepared in 2023, Eddie Murphy announces that he would be happy to reprise his role. In voicing Eddie Murphy, the popular character Donkey turned out to be very picturesque and unique.

Probably, if it were not for Eddie Murphy, then the Donkey would hardly have had the comic charisma that he acquired thanks to the popular actor who voiced this character. And it may very well be that the commercial success of Shrek, which saved all the series of this cartoon, can be continued in the realities of today.

The last part of the Shrek 4 saga has left a taste of return to the public. And for several years now, the rumor has been swollen, a new opus is widely expected. However, Dreamworks has not made any official announcements at this time. Currently in theaters, fans of the characters can find Puss in Boots in his second feature film: Puss in Boots 2: The Last Quest.

Surprise, at the end of the film, the characters find themselves on a boat in the direction of a kingdom called Fort Leuntain. No one knows how the news will be received, and the public is divided between semi-verbal confessions of the Shrek sequel or simple fan service. And if fans of the franchise like the idea of a sequel, Eddie Murphy will share their opinion on this matter.

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Eddie Murphy has confirmed that he will be more than motivated to work on the new component. When one of his interlocutors suggested that he “pull the strings,” that is, use his connections in the film world in order to convince animation studios, the actor admitted that everything is not so simple. So far, the producers have not made an unequivocal decision regarding the creation of a continuation of the mega-popular animated series.

The actor took advantage of this interview to once again draw the attention of a multi-million audience of viewers to The New Adventures of Puss in Boots. For him, Dreamworks had to commission a spin-off of the character he plays, which he believes has an excellent comic side.

Spanish actor Antonio Banderas, who plays Puss in Boots, has hinted at the possibility of a fifth film and we might have a chance to see the two actors play their characters. This popular animated series has gained such popularity that it is likely that it will receive its continuation in the near future.

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