Editors Spotify

The music streaming service Spotify is one of the undoubted leaders on the market at the moment. A lot of customers prefer to use it, especially, due to its high-quality service and affordability.

Editors Spotify

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 This Swedish music popular platform is ready to offer its users the following attractive features:

  • more than 50 million different tracks in its music library;
  • over 4 million various playlists (the number of them is growing regularly);
  • the ability to create own playlists and albums;
  • convenient subscription versions (including free mode);
  • unique mechanism for matching music tracks due to personal taste;
  • the ability to use Spotify on multiple devices;
  • mix of the day sections, and much more.

Of course, a huge team of professionals is working on this around the clock in order to create a high-quality streaming service for users. The editor is the person who plays one of the key roles in this process. So, let’s get to know more about what the editors of Spotify do.

So, the essence of the job of these people consists of:

  • analyzing the behavior of the service’s subscribers;
  • creating and moderating playlists by genre or other common features;
  • troubleshooting insignificant problems and organizing communication with colleagues and service management to improve the quality of the service.

At the moment, streaming owners are actively looking for people who can handle these tasks well. The lack of educated specialists in this sphere became the main reason for this demand. The rapid development and popularity of Spotify also made this specialty actual.

In order to occupy this position a candidate should demonstrate such skills:

  • excellent knowledge of the music market in various countries – artists, festivals, cultural backgrounds, freshmen, and music influencers;
  • experience in finding the right musical accompaniment for different situations to create specific playlists according to mood;
  • deep understanding of various genres of music and respect for all types of musical preferences;
  • documentation and reporting skills;
  • ability to work as part of a team, be initiative, and generate new ideas.

If you feel that you would like to apply for a similar role and you are the right person for it – great! But if you’re just an ordinary music fan, then now you know more about how your favorite service works.

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