Eli Buendia will take an active part in the 2022 election campaign

The next presidential election in the Philippines will be held next year. The 2022 presidential campaign promises to be hot and tense.

Eli Buendia in the new song «Metro» speaks about abuse of power and poor governance of the country. The singer decided to take an active part in the campaign to inform voters about the presidential elections in the Philippines in 2022. The company was called «We Need A Leader 2022».

Eli Buendia

In songs, Buendia, he said, will condemn the corruption of politicians and their incompetence. Residents of the Philippines: representatives of large, medium and small businesses, hired workers, teachers and others are on the verge of financial collapse due to the shutdown of the economy and the hard lockdown that President Rodrigo Duterte announced last March. A state of disaster was declared on the territory of the Philippines.

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Since then, millions of people have lost their jobs, a huge number of firms have gone bankrupt, the business has suffered enormous losses. Filipinos, despite the pandemic, are in favor of ending the lockdown and reviving the national economy.

The information campaign was led by former Speaker of the House of Representatives Pantaleon Alvarez. Today, he is a representative in the Philippine Congress from one of the country’s districts. «We need a leader, a real leader, not an impostor», he said in a speech opening the campaign.

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