Elton John makes Vatican accusations of hypocrisy

The popular performer Elton John sharply criticized the Catholic Church for its decision under no circumstances to approve of same-sex marriage.

The orthodox office of the Vatican issued a statement approved by Pope Francis, which states that the church will not be able and will not express a blessing to sin.

Elton John

Elton John immediately began to criticize Vatican politics on social networks, considering it hypocritical and short-sighted. Criticizing same-sex marriage, the Vatican, according to the singer, gladly receives a million-dollar profit from the film «Rocketman», the plot of which is based on the story of the same-sex marriage of Elton John himself.

At the end of the year before last, information appeared that the Vatican Secretariat of State had allocated more than one million dollars to create a biographical film about a popular singer, despite the fact that this film details John’s homosexual relationship.

As you know, Elton John is not only an ideologist and advocate for LGBT rights, but also entered into same-sex marriage in 2014 after the legalization of same-sex unions not in England and Wales.

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Of course, criticism of Vatican policy will not change it. But at the same time, Elton still hopes that the Catholic Church will become more liberal in same-sex unions.

The official press service of the Vatican did not respond to the comments of Elton John, and it is hardly worth expecting.

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