Emby Connect

What is Emby Connect?

Emby Connect which was previously known as media browser is a software that is used to store and transfer media such as audio and video. Its name “Emby Connect” already explains that it connects media. It is a server that brings together all of your favorite music, videos and photos in one place like a pro. This media server even without your assistance can convert your media on any device automatically.

It is also available in the form of a mobile app that helps you bring along your favorite media anywhere even offline through Emby mobile sync.

Features of Emby Connect:

Emby has a great number of features that intensify your media experience and end your struggles. Following are the features:

  • If you are away from home then it doesn’t matter as Emby Connect just needs you to sign in from anywhere and after signing in you can enjoy your preferred media.
  • It helps you to enjoy your favorite media even offline by syncing your media to tablets and phones.
  • There is an option of tools that helps you in editing your images and also you can have access to subtitles.
  • Helps in streaming TV to any device.
  • Your media is beautifully displayed like you never imagined by the help of Emby.
  • It automatically notices DLNA devices so that you send the content easily.
  • It also has the option of creating restrictions on content for your children.
  • You can also sync your media with the cloud that ultimately enables you with an easy backup.

How does Emby works?

It works in two ways. You can either install the server and get fascinated by your favorite media or you can enjoy your media by downloading the Emby app on various platforms.

How does Emby Connect save your time?

Emby is a great time saver. You can enjoy your favorite media more compared to putting efforts to enjoy them as Emby does all the managing work of videos, music and photos for you automatically. It also automatically notifies you about the events which are important to you.

Availability of Emby apps:

Emby app is available for all the bigshot platforms. It is available for Android, iPad, Windows tablets, Windows phone, Home theater computers, Chromecast, Roku, Xbox, iPhone and Amazon Fire TV.

Emby and MusConv:

Emby can also receive your favorite media from MusConv. Your favorite media from Spotify can be sent to Emby by MusConv.

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