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Epik High music has been restored in Spotify

The famous South Korean band, like many others, suffered a disruption in the popular Swedish music streaming service Spotify.

According to the members of the group, the administration of the popular streaming service did everything in its power to restore to the service its musical compositions. However, streaming numbers and playlists could still not be saved. Yet the chance to listen to your favorite music remains.

Epik High is one of many pop bands affected by the ongoing battle between Spotify and Kakao M. In early March, hundreds of K-pop publications were withdrawn from Spotify worldwide after the end of the contract between Kakao M and the Swedish streaming service.

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At the same time, the Spotify administration said it would work with Kakao M of South Korea to address the tense situation in the near future. The company added that it will continue to work with local music licensees such as KakaoM to promote the development of the Korean music market and the general streaming ecosystem.

However, Kakao M later stated that his lists were withdrawn due to Spotify’s aggressive policy. The Service requires that both internal and external music licensing and streaming transactions take place simultaneously. Today, both companies are continuing the negotiation process.

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