«Eurovision -2021» will be held with great restrictions

Recall to music lovers from around the world that the megapopular Song Contest «Eurovision-2021» will still be held on May 18, 20 and 22 in Rotterdam, despite the strict restrictions associated with the world pandemic.

Eurovision -2021

This prestigious international song competition will be 65 in a row. It is attended by singers from many countries, and not only European.

But strict restrictions are also provided directly for bidders. So, their movement will be strictly limited by the route running from the hotel to the concert venue. Such information was distributed on March 9 by the organizers of the competition in the protocol on health protection and ensuring the safety of participants in musical competitions.

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According to the document, all foreign participants are advised to maintain a 5-day quarantine before departure to the Netherlands. It is also necessary to have a negative coronavirus test. The test must be taken within 72 hours before departure to Rotterdam. In Holland, all delegations are required to stay in hotels, except for rehearsal trips, live performances and other events related to the competition program.

The holding of the International Song Contest «Eurovision -2021» for a long time was at risk of disruption due to the pandemic. But the organizers, together with the Dutch government, nevertheless decided to hold it. The positive decision was influenced by a decrease in the incidence rate in the Netherlands and mass vaccination, which is expected to cover a significant part of the EU population by the second half of May.

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