Eurovision 2022

The 66th Eurovision Song Contest took place in Turin, Italy on Saturday, May 14, 2022.

It was the final of the prestigious international music competition, which was attended by representatives of 25 countries. Everyone fought for the first position, which in the end turned out to be for Ukraine.

Ukraine won an honorable victory with 631 points, and also due to the participation of the public, which as a result exceeded 400 points. Silver medals went to the United Kingdom with 466 points, bronze medals went to Spain with another 459 points. Germany, the only country that did not receive a single point from the jury, finished last in the public vote with 6 points.

The victory of Ukraine was guaranteed by the team of the Kalush Orchestra with the song “Stephania”. This is the third time that the country has won the competition, in 2004 it was the last in 2016. In February of this year, the country attacked by Russia was won at Eurovision 2022, thanks to a public vote.

Eurovision 2022

The unconditional victory of the Ukrainian representative was quite predictable. A few months ago, before the start of the war in Ukraine, bookmakers made very optimistic forecasts regarding the Kalush Orchestra, which was predicted, if not victory, then a very high place. And they were not wrong.

Recall that Eurovision is held annually. Only in 2020, the international music competition was not held due to the coronavirus pandemic. According to the rules, the next competition must be held in the country that won first place in the previous music competition.

The favorite was Ukraine, which won the public vote to win the victory. Until the last moments, the dispute was balanced between Ukraine, England, Spain, Sweden and Ukraine. Prior to receiving the rating, the Kalush Orchestra was ranked 9th and lost almost 100 points to the British singer Sam Ryder. But, having scored 439 points of the audience, he collected 631 points and came out on top, confirming his favorite and finishing the competition almost 200 points ahead of the rest of the contestants, who predicted victory in the competition.

The song “Stephania”, a rap mixed with the rhythms of local folklore, was not written shortly before Russia entered Ukraine, when the Russians entered Russia. This combination turned out to be a very successful combination of musical style. But in the current context, the lyrics have intensified. Lines like “I will always find my way to the house, even if all the roads are destroyed” sound like appeals from millions of Ukrainians who had to leave the country because of this.

In a victory speech, one of the group’s members and organizer, Oleg Psyuk, intensified pleas for help to Ukraine and the city of Mariupol, one of the hardest hit by the Russian invasion.

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The top ten of the final tournament list is as follows:

1. Ukraine

2. UK

3. Spain

4. Sweden

5. Serbia

6. Italy

7. Moldova

8. Greece

9. Portugal

10. Norway

The Eurovision International Music Contest, created in 1956, takes part in almost all the old continents, except for some specially invited states, for example, Australia and Morocco (Australia).

The grand finale of the music competition is always broadcast live on television throughout Europe and has an audience of almost 200 million people. Eurovision is known for featuring big names in international music such as the mega-popular Spaniard Julio Iglesias, the iconic Swedish band Abba in the 70s, Canadian singer Celine Dion and British actress Olivia Newton-John.

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