Expected Music Albums 2023

We’ve come out of a year full of music, concerts and festivals in 2022 after a break of almost two years, but something tells us that 2023 will not be left behind in terms of new music projects. The pandemic has forced us to practice the art of patience wonderfully, putting dozens of records of our favorite artists on hold for months and years.

The music industry is moving by leaps and bounds on calendar sheets. While you’re so calmly watching the clock tick by, music event promoters and record label managers are already planning 2023 world tours and album releases.

The same thing happens, for example, with fashion: every September, the spring-summer season of the next year is presented on the catwalks. What’s the point? Create hype and anticipate trends and needs ahead of time to ensure future success.

In this sense, there are already some artists or bands who are encouraging themselves to announce from now on that a new album will be released in 2023. Direct messages to his fans who are already warning of a more than possible international tour, so they can also be translated as “prepare your pockets”.

There are those who prefer and may take the risk of releasing a full album suddenly and unexpectedly, but the truth is that more often than not, the publication date is given several months in advance to mark it on the calendar with fire.

Social networks should have given us something good: fan clubs have become full-fledged investigative detectives, able to identify all kinds of information, not yet confirmed, but very reliable.

  • Iggy Pop – “Every Loser”. This is definitely one of the first albums we can listen to in 2023. We are talking about “Every Loser”, the new album by Iggy Pop, which will arrive as a gift from the “Three Kings” on the same January 6th. At 75, Iggy Pop is still at his best, on and off stage. New songs that will become rock anthems are being produced by Andrew Watt.
  • It took El Kanka five long years to decide to release a new album. It’s called “Things of the Living” and we’ll be able to listen to it from January 20 on all digital platforms.
  • From January 20, we will also be able to hear the angelic voice of Nuria Graham. “Cyclamen” is the name of her new album in 2023, according to the artist herself, “an experimental work.” Like its cover, a readaptation of a photo of Torre del Greco, located in the city of Naples.
  • With no official title or release date yet, it is known that Shakira will be releasing his highly anticipated new album throughout 2023. After several unforeseen events that rocked her personal life, the artist is preparing to return to music in a big way, currently collaborating with Rauve Alejandro on the hit “Te Felicito” or on the recent “Monotonía” with Ozuna. The huge media expectations for Shakira’s lyrics are more than understandable.

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