How to migrate from another music provider to Apple Music?

Amazon Music has two exciting options named Amazon Music Unlimited and Prime Music. While using anyone among them, you may need a CSV file containing detail of your playlist. To generate playlists from the Amazon music, you may need to use a third party tool, which can help you to generate the CSV file effortlessly.

Here, in this particular article, we are going to discuss how you can generate playlists CSV from the Amazonmusicwhile using the Amazon Music Unlimited or Prime Music. In addition to the ways of generating the playlist from the Amazon music to CSV, we shall let you know about the Amazon Music Unlimited as well as Prime Music.

If we carefully observe the prices of Amazon Music Unlimited and Amazon Prime Music, the prices will remain the same. However, there is an interesting fact about getting Amazon Unlimited Music at usual EUR 7.99. You must have to be an Amazon Prime subscriber for getting your hand at the Amazon Unlimited Music for EUR 7.99.

If you are not already Prime Subscriber, you will require EUR 9.99 for the subscription of Amazon Unlimited. On the other hand, while signing up for Prime Music, you will be eligible for getting access to the Prime Music. It will cost EUR 79 a year. The monthly charge is EUR 7.99.

If you are planning to use Amazon Prime for a year, try purchasing the annual option, as it will save around EUR 20. The prime music users gets a free-30days trial as well. However, we are actually recommending you to sign up for the Amazon Prime at first.

Then you just add the Amazon Unlimited option to get access to the full catalogues. However, in total it will be around EUR 15 a month for accessing all of the contents. It is not a bad deal at all for using the richest music database of the globe.

Nevertheless, if you would like to generate playlists from the Amazon music to CSV, an efficient third party software can facilitate. Nevertheless, being the very best in the migration of streaming services MusConv can also help to list playlists Amazon music to CSV.

It is the most comfortable way of generating a full list of files. This light and easy to use software for generating Amazon music CSVis not costly at all and it is certainly worth the money and time required to generate a list manually. 

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