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Export Playlist From Deezer

With each passing day, the popularity of music streaming services is steadily increasing. Today, these platforms have become the main channels for distributing music. Statistics claim that at least 80% of all music in the world is broadcast through streaming services. A few years ago, the situation was radically different from today.

If you are a music lover, then you probably use one or even several music streaming services. It is possible that you are simply choosing the most suitable music streaming platform for you using practical experience.

You can change your preferences and switch to a different music streaming service. This can be pushed by the cost of the service having a free version or the high cost of a paid subscription, a small, from your point of view, music library, a confusing menu, and so on.

 But what if the streaming service you’ve used before has a large selection of music that you’ve compiled over a long period of time? After all, when you switch to another platform, you simply lose all your music collections and playlists you created playlists on Deezer.

As it turned out, everything is not as sad as it seems at first. You can easily and quickly transfer your playlists from one streaming service to another, you just need to choose the right tool.

And the specialized music service MusConv will become such an effective tool. With it, you can quickly and easily solve your problem of transferring playlists from one streaming service to another.

MusConv is integrated with over 50 music streaming platforms. The entire transfer operation takes only a few minutes.

To get started, you will need to download an application that does not require a lengthy installation process. Next, you need to take the following steps:

  • Check the stability of your Internet connection.
  • Check the validity of the subscription to all streaming services that you intend to use to transfer music.
  • Create your MusConv account. You can do without it, but the free version has many limitations, the main one being a limit of 25 tracks to transfer from one music streaming service to another.
Export Playlist From Deezer

The next steps are very simple. You need to have a minimum of mindfulness and desire. So:

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Export Playlist From Deezer
  1. Login to MusConv.
  2. Select the streaming service you want to export your playlists from. In our case, this is the French music streaming platform Deezer.
  3. The system will analyze your playlists and provide a list of the ones you have created.
  4. Select from this list the playlist or playlists that you would like to transfer from Deezer to another streaming platform.
  5. Specify the streaming service to transfer.
  6. At the bottom of the main page there is a Transfer button – click it.
  7. Brew tea or coffee and wait for a while while MusConv performs the transfer.

Very soon your tracks or playlists will appear in the new streaming service.

Export Playlist From Deezer

The waiting time will directly depend on two factors: the amount of information transferred and the speed of Internet traffic.

So, as you can see, the specialized MusConv service will help you not only transfer the playlists you created to another platform, but will also greatly facilitate the decision to make such a transition from one streaming service to another.

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