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Export Playlist From YouTube Music To Spotify

Today, the vast majority of music lovers use streaming services to get music. They went mainstream, streaming over 80% of the music content.

Therefore, almost every music fan can boast of using one or even several music streaming platforms.

But sometimes a situation arises when a person decides to switch from one streaming service to another. At the same time, he may already have a fairly solid collection of music, carefully collected by him on the streaming service that he used and now wants to leave.

It is a pity to lose the results of your creative work and understand that the time and effort spent was in vain. But there is a way out.

To transfer playlists, it is enough to use a specialized application with which you can quickly and easily transfer the results of your work from one platform to another. This application and your reliable assistant will be MusConv.

The application works effectively with more than 50 music streaming services. Therefore, there is no need to puzzle over the problem of transferring playlists from one service to another. MusConv covers all the most popular and used music streaming services in the world.

So, at first, you need to go to the official MusConv website and download the application itself. You can use its paid or free version. The latter will have some serious limitations. For example, you will not be able to download more than 25 songs during the day. On the 26th song, the following will appear on the screen:

Export Playlist From YouTube Music To Spotify

Consider one of the most common options for transferring playlists: from YouTube Music to Spotify. It is very easy to do this with MusConv, the main thing in this case is to follow the algorithm of actions correctly.

Export Playlist From YouTube Music To Spotify
  1. First, download the app and log in to MusConv.
  2. Log in to your account on each of the streaming services that will be involved in the transfer.
  3. Specify YouTube Music as the source platform.
  4. After the system analyzes your music library, select the playlists you want to transfer.
  5. Specify Spotify as the target platform where your creative work will be transferred.
  6. Notice the Transform button. By clicking on it, you will begin the process of transferring playlists.
Export Playlist From YouTube Music To Spotify

Now you can drink coffee while the playlist transfer process is in progress. It does not take much time, which depends on two factors:

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  1. The total amount of information transferred.
  2. Speed ​​and stability of the Internet connection.

So, after the process is completed, go to Spotify and you will see all the playlists that were recently in the YouTube Music you previously used.

Basically, you don’t have to stop using YouTube Music. Just discover Spotify with its huge features and colossal music library.

With MusConv you can transfer your playlists between the most famous and most used music streaming services. This tool to effectively transform your music collection will help you save your creative work and enjoy it on the new music streaming platform.

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