Fans of IZ * ONE threaten to boycott the agencies of each of the participants

It approaches April 1, and this day, presumably, will be the day after which the popular unit group IZ * ONE will cease to exist.

The reasons for the collapse of the popular musical group can only be guessed. So far, agencies with which the girls have signed contracts do not give any information about this. Various assumptions are being made, including the emergence in the near future of a new large-scale project with the participation of former soloists IZ * ONE.


But fans of the group cannot calm down. And therefore, they threaten to boycott the agencies of each of the participants if the group is still disbanded. On March 11, some fans teamed up and wrote a statement threatening to boycott member agencies if IZ * ONE breaks up. These fans fervently insisted that the popular female group extend contract and advance longer. They believe that the work of the team is very successful and should be developed, and not, on the contrary, stop the existence of the group as such.

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Fans published a joint statement on social networks, where many more users joined in support of the members of the popular group. Their main requirement is that the current composition of 12 participants remain unchanged and continue activities in the future. Moreover, if this ultimatum is ignored, fans threaten to block the activities of agencies that have not extended contracts with group members. The blockade means refusing to purchase music products released by these agencies, as well as an information company on the Internet against them.

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