• add Google Music Troubleshooting

    In case you have problem with logging in to your Google Music Account or you see all the time Loading playlists... information in desktop app, please follow these steps.

    OR alternatively please try following:

    Try to edit your Google Play Music account to turn on 2-Step Verification( it will allow you to add App password )
    After that please generate App password.

    How to generate an App password
    1. Visit your App passwords page. You may be asked to sign in to your Google Account.
    2. At the bottom, click Select app and choose the app you are using.
    3. Click Select device and choose the device you are using.
    4. Select Generate.
    5. Follow the instructions to enter the App password (the 16 character code in the yellow bar) on your device.
    6. Select Done.

    Once you are finished, you won't see that App password code again. However, you will see a list of apps and devices you have created App passwords for.

    Note: You may not be able to create an App password for less secure apps. Learn more about allowing less secure apps.

    Why you may need an App password

    When you sign up for 2-Step Verification, Google normally send you verification codes. However, these codes do not work with some apps and devices, like Outlook. Instead, you will need to authorize the app or device the first time you use it to sign in to your Google Account by generating and entering an App password.

    More details here.
  • add Does MusConv support playlist batch importing?
    Yes, it does.
  • add Does MusConv support duplicate files scanning and deletion?
    Yes, it does.
  • add Does MusConv support CSV export?
    Yes, it does.
  • add How many songs can I transfer from one music account to another?
    There is no limitation.
  • add Can MusConv convert original music file to other format?
    Yes, it can.
  • add What audio formats do you support?
    Audio formats supported
    MKV/MKA Vorbis, MP2, MP3, LC-AAC, HE-AAC, WMAv1, WMAv2, AC3, eAC3, Opus
    MP4/M4A MP2, MP3, LC-AAC, HE-AAC, AC3
    3gP/3G2 LC-AAC, HE-AAC
    MPG MP2, MP3
    PS/TS Stream MP2, MP3, LC-AAC, HE-AAC, AC3
    M2TS AC3, eAC3
    VOB MP2, AC3
    RMVB Vorbis, HE-AAC
    WebM Vorbis, Opus
    OGG Vorbis, Opus
  • add Where can I download trial version?
    You can download trial version here.
  • add How can I buy MusConv product?
    You can buy MusConv here.
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