Former bodyguard Kanye West decided to create a film

Kanye West’s former bodyguard Steve Stanulis began work on a documentary in which he decided to frankly talk about some of the stories that are still secret.

«Every day was a new adventure», he said. «There are a lot of stories I haven’t told».

Working for West in 2016, Steve experienced many emotionally saturated moments with him that he cannot forget about. Kanye West became famous for repeated disruptions at several world-class events.

Steve Stanulis said that he already has a preliminary agreement with several streaming services unnamed by him to demonstrate the documentary he is creating. According to the former bodyguard of the star, they are interested in the documentary format, which, in their opinion, will be able to show the popular artist in a completely different light. He added that the heroes of his film will be the rest of West’s bodyguards, who also agreed to take part in the shooting.  two studios offered services for organizing shooting documentary.

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Stanulis claims that their relationship with West was very friendly. But the facts suggest otherwise – the friendship did not last long, and after that West repeatedly threatened former bodyguard with lawsuits. Only in the last year there were two of them.

In 2016, a representative of West called Stanulis «a sad parasitic maniac» who «a false story violated all the basic human principles of decency».

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