Future Autotune

The mega-popular American rapper and producer Future is loved by many, he has millions of fans not only in the United States of America, but also in other countries of the world.

At the end of April 2022, the rapper released his ninth studio album called “I Never Liked You”. This next work of the popular artist was announced by him two weeks before his official release, and the cover was presented to fans a week earlier.

A successful decision in creating the album was a collaboration with well-known colleagues, among whom, for example, one can meet the name of Drake. This practice was also in the past Future albums, and this undoubtedly brought him success.

By the way, “I Never Liked You” topped the Billboard 200 immediately after its release. This is an unconditional commercial success.

But there are some nuances in Future’s work, which both his fans and music critics often talk about. The artist is reproached for excessive use of auto-tuning when creating music, which in some way makes it automatic, so to speak, less alive.

Autotune is a feature that has been around for quite some time. Pop music fans are already tired and perhaps resigned to how often this feature is used.

Rap and hip-hop survived for years without using a technical resource. In the first days, the natural voice of the artist was heard, without effects, without many additions. But time has passed, and now the rapper, in addition to natural rhyming, also needs to sing. And here we have a big mistake Future.

As a rapper and producer, he has already proved to be excellent, proved to be strong in what he does. So much so that the list of partnerships he has already made, mostly producing, is getting more and more extensive. But as a singer, what he’s trying to be here doesn’t work very well. We can have great pop songs, great potential hits, but they’re all of dubious quality. It is the abundance of this “robotic” resource that makes the new Future album just a good record, and not a masterpiece of his work.

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Finally, we can say that “I Never Liked You” is a one-off and “small” record among so many representatives of the genre. But without creating too many expectations, it can be taken advantage of. This is far from one of the rapper’s best albums. Although, even if these shortcomings could not prevent the almost instantaneous popularity of the album, then this fact speaks volumes.

Future is active in sharing his experiences with the media and how his creative process led to the creation of the album. Drake, Young Thug, DJ Khaled and other friends of the rapper also participate in the creation of almost all the latest albums of the popular artist.

So, despite the very active use of automatic tuning to create beats, Future’s talent is simply impossible to hide behind the screen of the use of technical means. And this will be confirmed not only by the huge popularity of “I Never Liked You”, which was released in April 2022, but also by its leading position in the Billboard 200, as well as in many of the world’s leading music streaming services.

For example, the Swedish platform Spotify, which is the undisputed leader in the global music streaming market, also ranked the new album of the American rapper among the leaders of its ratings.

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