Gabriella Wilson won a Grammy, but wants an Oscar

Gabriella Wilson, performing under the creative pseudonym SHE, recently won the Grammy International Music Award, receiving two Golden Gramophones. A young and popular singer is very pleased with such a victory in a prestigious competition. But he cannot be satisfied only with this. She also wants an Oscar, realizing ambitions in her acting career. And her hopes are grounded. So, recently she became an Oscar nominee for the film «Fight For You».

Gabriella Wilson won a Grammy

This is not the only role of a popular singer. Recently, SHE appeared on the screen in debut role in the comedy «Yes Day». The singer claims that she always dreamed of an acting career, but starting it earlier was prevented by the fact that she completely devoted herself to music. As we see, such determination was adequately rewarded.

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The singer’s post-dinner euphoria was slightly upset that she was sued for copyright infringement. The plaintiff is asking for a refund of $3 million, claiming that one of the singer’s singles recorded in 2016 was actually his author’s development. Andre Sims, who writes songs and acts as a pianist, filed a lawsuit against Gabriella Wilson. The co-producer of singer Darkhill Kemper, as well as her co-author Justin Love, also acts as a defendant.

Allegations of copyright infringement are quite common in show business. Sometimes a lawsuit is aimed at a deliberately losing case, but at the same time brings reputational losses to the defendant.

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