Gabrielle asked to write a song for Cheryl Tweedy, decides not to

Gabrielle, while spending some time (with the aim of writing a new song) with Guy Chambers, a lifelong friend and coauthor of Robbie Williams’ songs plus Adele and James Morrison colleague Fraser T. Smith, decided eventually that there wasn’t good enough rapport to continue the relationship. 

She also admits “running off”, citing lack of a connection and preferring to work with artists she has a bond with. Gabrielle pointed out it wasn’t that the team wasn’t great but rather compatibility issues such as different styles:

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“You’ve got to have that rapport, and if you haven’t got that rapport with someone then it’s not that they’re not great at what they do, it’s just that sometimes things just don’t work out.”

Gabrielle also says she won’t ever work with people she hasn’t worked with before. Which, admit it, sounds quite bracing, but Gabrielle points out the cooperation didn’t work out not because of bad blood but because she felt intimidated by someone who’s had a lot of considerable experience in the industry. Gabrielle cites insecurity as the reason why and remembers instances earlier in her career when similar incidents happened. 

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