How To Get An Apple Music Family Plan?

Users of the Apple Music streaming service have long been convinced of the benefits of their favorite music platform. They no longer wonder why Apple Music is popular and whether it is worth using this particular service. Now fans of the Apple Music service are looking for an opportunity to continue using Apple Music, but at the same time save money. Therefore, the view of such users is increasingly shifting to a change in the Premium subscription tariff plan. The Apple Music family plan really helps save the family budget and still enjoy all the benefits of a Premium subscription. Let’s see what conditions and opportunities the Family tariff plan contains, and how you can get it.

With an Apple Music Family subscription, you can combine up to six accounts. That is, all Family members can freely stream music and choose the one they like from the service’s library (note that the library contains more than 100 million tracks, so there is plenty to choose from). But this does not mean that all relatives will use one common account. Each of them can create their own audio library according to their preferences, recommendations will also be offered individually. This Apple Music service will cost the family budget $16.99 per month.

Getting a Family plan from Apple Music is not at all difficult. You need to open and set up the Family Sharing feature on your device and invite relatives to join.

If the user already has another Apple Music subscription, then it is possible to easily change their tariff plan to a family one. In this case, the current subscription will be automatically cancelled.

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To change the tariff plan, you should take a few steps

This will take quite a bit of time.

  1. Go to the Apple Music app in the “Listen now” or “for you” section.
  2. Select a trial offer. Please note that the trial version is only available once per family.
  3. Next, select “Family”.
  4. Click Start Trial.
  5. Next, you’ll need to enter your Apple ID and password. If you think that this is difficult, then do not be afraid. Remember, you most likely have already used it, for example, when making some kind of purchase. If you still don’t have an Apple ID, you can create one here by clicking on “Create an Apple ID”.
  6. Specify the payment method and confirm the information.
  7. It remains only to click “Join”.

As we can see, these actions are not difficult at all. Now you can enjoy your favorite music together and save money at the same time. 100 million tracks and 30,000 playlists at your disposal.

Remember that you can cancel your family subscription at any time you wish.

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