Ghosts Again By Depeche Mode

The legendary British band Depeche Mode, which has existed for over 40 years and released over 200 songs, is not going to stop on their creative path.

As you know, the last time the group toured was in 2017-2018. The Global Spirit Tour turned out to be very profitable and quite long. Over 3 million Depeche Mode fans have been able to enjoy the music live.

And now, after six years, Depeche Mode again wants to please their fans from 20 countries in North America and Europe with their live performance and incredible energy, which is always present at their concerts. The tour will begin in March 2023 in Germany and end, as the artists suggest, in August 2023 in Norway. Tickets are selling at an incredible rate, but in some countries, Depeche Mode concert tickets are all sold out.

Fans want to know what songs they will hear from their idols at these concerts. You can make logical assumptions.

In May 2022, the group was in for an irreparable shock. Depeche Mode keyboardist Andy Fletcher has passed away. But grief did not stop the friends, moreover, Martin Gore and Dave Gahan found the strength to continue doing what they love.

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In October 2022, at a conference in Berlin, they announced the release of a new album “Memento Mori”, which means “remember death” in Latin, noting that Andy had not heard a single song from this album, but he would have liked them. So it can be assumed that the guys transformed their loss into creativity, putting additional potential and meaning into it.

In addition, the single “Ghosts Again” has already been released, which will be included in the album “Memento Mori”, the album itself should be released in March 2023. The video for this track is also very interesting. Two figures in black robes play chess, and then, while in the cemetery, they meet a ghost. It is easy to recognize Martin and Dave in the figures. As noted by the fans, the video is very touching.

Considering that Andy Fletcher’s death affected the band’s work so much, it can be assumed that the album “Memento Mori” will also be presented at the concerts of the Depeche Mode tour in 2023. In any case, fans should get an unforgettable experience and enjoy a live concert of their favorite artists.

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