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Ginjin from ASTRO claims to often meet name in socets

Ginjin from the K-pop fight band ASTRO considers himself a fan of social networks and can spend a large amount of time in them.

Ginjin from ASTRO

The South Korean singer spoke about this during the show «Yes or No» in the new podcast Unboxing. The habit of being in social networks has been developed by a popular singer for a long time. He actively comments on various events and also actively tracks comments of his own posts.

Ginjin also tracks comments from his own fans. According to him, this provides him with invaluable assistance. Fan comments allow you to predict their expectations and eliminate shortcomings. These may be flaws in appearance, clothes or behavior on stage, flaws in the interpretation of some events, and so on.

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«Fans leave comments because they sincerely think of me», Ginjin is sure. He says that his status obliges him to be constant «on the crest of the wave», so it is necessary to be sensitive to the comments of fans.

The singer says that he meets not only positive, but also negative and offensive comments. This greatly injures him every time, because he has a subtle creative nature. He also said that the biggest fans are also the biggest critics, noting that fans will be the first to indicate when idol will make a mistake. It is fans who catch what artists sometimes miss. Thus, a strong feedback is established.

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