Google Play Music and Spotify overview


Spotify is a music, podcast and video streaming service, which provides protected content from record labels and media companies. We as Spotify we have been able to set up in modern devices such as Windows, macOS, LINUX computers, Windows, android smartphones and tablets. We enable our subscribed users to browse and search for music using parameters such as albums, genre, or artists.

Subscribed users are able to share tracks on social media. Spotify provides a wide range access to music; roughly 30 million songs.

We as Spotify we pay up royalties based on number of artists’ streams the music industry unlike physical downloads which were paying up fixed price per song or album sold. As Spotify we advice people to Pay up for music subscription since it removes advertisement limits and increases song bitrate.

Our subscription come as stated below:

  • Spotify family – when subscribed to this you are able to access free adds, you can listen  to music directly to your phone without shuffling, the sound is of high quality and you are able to listen to your music while you are offline.
  • Spotify premium – On subscription to this you are able to access free ads, listen to music on your phone directly the sound quality is good and you can also use when you are offline.
  • Spotify free – Has no ads, you cannot listen while offline, the sound quality is not enhanced.
  • Student subscription – In this student’s access the premium but you pay half price for the subscription.

You can be able to do your advertisement on Spotify as ads and in this case you are guaranteed a wide range of exposure to the large number of users.

Google Music

Google music is a music, podcast streaming service, and online music locker operated by google. It was launched in November 2016.Users with standard accounts are able to upload up to 50.000 song from their libraries at no cost.

We have a subscription “All access” sold in combination of you-tube red. Users can purchase   more tracks for their libraries via the music store in google play store. Apart from streaming music, the google play music app allows music to be stored and listened to offline.

Music can be listened   to from the android mobile app and iOS operating system. With a paid subscription users get access to demand music to play without ads popping up when listening to music. We offer a 30 day free subscription trial to our new users.

Musconv tool.

The above is a tool through which you can be able to transfer your tracks and playlists throughout various music services like Spotify and Google Play Music.

Steps to using the tool:

  1. Select source
  2. Select playlists
  3. Select destination
  4. Go to transfer.

We have three subscriptions which are; Basic, Professional and ultimate and all of them come along with their special features on board.

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