Keep your list of favorite tracks while migrating from Google Music to Spotify

Look before you leap! Compare performance like music streaming platforms. Look carefully at the music streaming platforms, are they equally user-friendly?

Do they all provide enough good sound quality? Of course not! Well, all sensitive music lovers know about the audial quality variances among music streaming platforms.

So how to transfer Google Music to Spotify in 2018?

Have you ever noticed? As an average music enthusiast, you are listening almost thirty hours of music per week. It takes 162 hours to make a week. Your listening music on the way to school, office, business or in a long travel.

The music in contemporary time convoying us throughout the day. Internet-based music cloud platforms are replacing those bunch of CD’s and DVD’s that you can’t carry. But now you don’t even need to collect any music CD. We have all our favorite music tracks stored and streamed globally on the internet.

It is fantastic, but sometimes you feel boring with the same quality of music on your selected music platform and need a change for good taste.

Google play music is the largest collection of music which can help you to provide a great source of pleasure in your leisure time. It can also help you to find any kind of music or song of your choice.

While Spotify is a modern music service to find a better way of entertainment which can be remotely handled. Google play music has some limitation one is the latest update GUI make it more complicated to play music or can be stopped without any information, but Spotify music overcomes the limitation and can be migrated from one account to another account or device.

It is better for your entertainment than Google play music by using your song on your laptop, computer or other sources. To migrate the music from Google play to Spotify need some information which helps you to find an easy way for migration in this content.

You will have to get the app from the muscov website, install it on your music device. Afterwards, go to Google Play Music and get in your account. On the following screen, do that again for Spotify.

You should choose the playlists you want to export to Spotify to Google Music, mark them and tap next to complete the process.  These easy steps allow you to migrate Google Music to Spotify flawlessly and live a boundless life with your finest music sensations.

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