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Google Play Music import playlist

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Album artwork from the Google Play Music’s lock may seem a little bit awkward to a lot of people. Furthermore, it makes the phone looks like a plaything.

To overcome this particular fact, the Google Play Music 8.7 will have the setting to remove artwork from the lock screen. According to our inside source, there will be a setting specially designed to remove album artwork. Moreover, the user will be asked whether to remove the artwork from the lock screen.

More significantly, this setting will be available under the app section. The user will not need to enter into the developer setting mode to perform this action.

Basic facts regarding playlist import of Google Play music

When it comes to the Google Play Music import playlist, you need to understand the fact that you ought to use a third party tool like MusConv and there is no alternative to it.

Our technical analysts have gone through all of the alternatives, yet they have found no clue whatsoever how this could have done without the user of a third party tool. Though an alternative is available, it is extremely hard to perform.

Moreover, the process will require setting up a personal server in the pc. You will then be creating a tool to import the playlists from Google Play music server to your server. Making a simple mistake in this process will lead to loss of all of your data. Would you take this risk?

More importantly, it is better to ask whether you should take the risk.

How to perform the playlist import of Google Play music using the MusConv

The MusConv is a bold, yet elegant tool developed to perform the music migration with ultimate ease. Furthermore, the user interface has been designed in such way that a child could have performed the music migration.

There are very few buttons available in the MusConv and in this way, the user interface remains smarter and there is no chance of users being overwhelmed. However, to perform the playlist importation from the Google Play Music to another music streaming service, the user needs to log in to the Google Play Music account at first.

After logging in to his or her account, the user will be able to access the playlists of his or her account. After that, the user just requires to tap the button left to each playlist.

Clicking that button will let the users choose the music streaming service, in which he or she wants to import the playlist and music. The process of music migration could never get simpler!

More info about Google Play Music on wikipedia.

With MusConv you can easily import playlist from Google Play Music!

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