Google Play Music overview

Musical platforms have become a part of our daily lives in recent years. We use it to listen to our favorite songs, follow artists, check out new releases and trends, and they allow us to create our very own personalized playlists for our listening pleasure.

With so many software, websites and apps to choose from it can become difficult to pick one and be completely satisfied with it. Therefore, a breakdown of the features each platform has to offer is necessary for an informed choice.

This article will focus on Google Play Music, its features, advantages, different types of accounts, in an attempt to give a complete view of this particular platform.

Google Play Music is a musical platform operated by Google, it was announced back in early 2011, first by invitations only, then later that year it was publicly launched. Google initially partnered up with three major labels (UMG, EMI and SME) as well as a few small others, to bring a total of 13 million tracks to the platform at the date of release.

Later on, they would sign with WMG as well to bring in their entire music library. Currently Google Play Music has over 35 million songs in its library, all available for purchase and download.


Google Play Music tries to accommodate all of its users, and to do that it includes many interesting features that covers all the different ways they use such platforms. Here is a breakdown of just some of these features:

1. The most obvious feature, or group features, are the basic uses of a musical platform. Those are:

  • The ability to purchase all the music you wish from the store
  • The ability to stream any songs from the app’s library
  • The ability to upload any songs to the app to add it to your own library

What is different about this feature is that few platforms offer all three options at the same time. Having all of them together caters to pretty much all of the users’ needs.

2. The platform supports high quality audio, in the form of 320 Kbps MP3s. All of Google Play Music’s songs are in this format, which is much more than any other platform offers and satisfies most users

3. The term “online streaming” indicates the inability to listen to music offline, but Google Play Music has got everyone covered by offering an offline playback feature. Any song you can stream you can also download on your device, and listen to it later on without the need to be connected to the internet. This can be done with absolutely no limit to the number of songs.

4. Google Play Music offers a diverse number of ways to check out its library, such as:

  • Top Charts: The most popular music
  • New Releases: Latest albums added to Google Play Music’s library
  • Radio Stations: Users can create stations that play songs from a specific genre
  • Sound Search: A companion app, that needs download separately, can detect and identify songs playing nearby and locates them from the library for streaming or purchase.

5. There are several categories of podcasts available that users can listen to. Google Play Music does a very good job of organizing podcasts and simplifies access to them.

6. A Google Play Music subscription offers a YouTube Red subscription with it, which gives users all of its regular benefits. An example of those features are:

  • Ad-free viewing of YouTube videos
  • Original content available only to YouTube Red subscribers
  • Offline Playback of videos
  • Background Play of videos

This is 2 deals for the price of one, as the YouTube Red subscription comes included with Google Play Music’s, without any additional cost.

This is just a few of the features Google Play Music offers its users.

So, what makes Google Play Music the better option? What separates it from other similar musical platforms?


Google Play Music continuously attempts to stand out from other popular platforms by offering unique advantages over similar platforms. An example of this is the following ways:

  1. The app is user friendly. The user interface is clear and simple, making it easy to navigate the app and allows searching for songs wherever the user is. The general look and mood of the design is bright and colorful, making the music browsing experience enjoyable to the user.
  2. Playing music does not interfere with browsing the app. Users can navigate the different pages of Google Play Music without their listening experience being affected, and the music player is always a click away, no matter what the page the user is on. The music player has also a quick access feature so that the music can be partially controlled while not viewing the music player in its entirety.
  3. Limits practically do not exist on Google Play Music. Users can upload up to 50000 songs, which is more than anyone could need. They can also purchase and download the entire library with absolutely no limit. This is an option that does not exist in any other musical platform.
  4. Google Play Music offers the best quality for the price, but it also has a free membership that allows usage of most of its main features. Not only that, users who are unsure whether or not they would enjoy opting for a membership can get try them out through a 2 months free trial offered as soon they sign up for the service. This is more time than any other platform offers.

Google Play Music has a wealth of advantages over other musical platforms and, unlike the others, it constantly keeps being updated to fix any bugs and add new features, to keep up with all the new trends and support any new media or formats.

Subscription Plans:

Google Play Music has three types of accounts, which are:

1. Standard account:

Free account for anyone who starts using Google Play Music. It offers:

  • Storage of up to 50 thousand files, not including purchased songs.
  • The use of the platform’s web player
  • Streaming and downloading of high quality 320 Kbps music files
  • Access to curated radio stations

2. Premium account:

All access paid account for $9.99/month, which includes all the of the previous features plus:

  • Access to on-demand streaming of all of Google Play Music’s library
  • No advertisements
  • Unlimited number of skips
  • Offline playback on mobile apps

3. Family account:

All access paid account for $14.99/month, which is a premium account for multiple users. Up to six people get to benefit from this plan.

To cut it short, Google Play Music is a musical platform on the rise to the top, with its easy accessibility, huge library, many diverse features, and its constant adaptation to the technical and cultural shifts.

For users looking for a simple interface with all the basic features they could want, Google Play Music is the app for you.

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