Google Play: my music

Google Play Music has long been one of the most popular music streaming services. It was created back in 2011. Its launch date was November 16, 2011.

For many years, the service served users with faith and truth. But in 2018, rumors spread that the service was planning to close. Google Corporation made this decision by transforming the popular streaming service into YouTube Music, which incorporated all the best achievements of Google Play Music.

And from December 3, 2020, Google Play Music was officially discontinued. Another project replenished the cemetery of digital products of the search giant. The owners of the corporation did not see the point in modernizing the service, which, however, has become in the minds of users an already well-established music brand with excellent functionality and excellent reputation. Instead, they decided to implement a new project, which was already popular with music lovers.

For some time, the two services were almost similar and worked in parallel. But users already well understood that in the near future Google Play Music will become a story, so they began to massively switch to a new streaming music service from Google.

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Throughout 2020, the corporation warned users of the service that they plan to close it in the near future and therefore users are invited to go to YouTube Music. The letters also contained detailed instructions for transferring a personal music library to a new music platform.

Until the end of 2021, Google will store playlists, music purchases, downloads and likes – by this time it will be possible to transfer all data to YouTube Music. The libraries will then become unavailable. Now that Google Play Music is no longer available, users can continue to download any tracks purchased everywhere on YouTube Music.

By the way, not all music lovers who were users of the closed service switched to YouTube Music. Many preferred other music streaming services, such as Spotify or Dеezer.

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