Compatibility of Google Play Music, Spotify and Apple Music

To choose the best music streaming service provide, you have to check for the pricing and features. Among all of the features of music streaming services, content and compatibility are very important.

As far as compatibility is the key concern, all three services named Google Play Music, Spotify and Apple Music are available for most of the mobile devices and computer platforms.

If your music service provider cannot provide sufficient number of songs, you cannot be able to develop a sophisticated playlist. However, Google Play Music has a large storage. The storage facility is similar to Spotify as well. Both of those services come up with a larger library.

On the other hand, Apple music has support for Android in addition to iOS. In that case, you will have to perform it through iTunes.

Google Play Music Compatibility

Google Play Music All Access is the rebranded version of Google Play Music. It was launched in 2013. Currently it is boosted with 35 millions of songs. In addition, even if you are a free user, you will be able to upload 50,000 songs to Google Play Music.

After uploading, you can add those music to your personal music library. It is an excellent way for carrying your personal collection of music without any hard drive. If you purchase any music from Google Play Music, it will also be added on the library. The size-limit of each song is 300MB.

In addition, Google Play Music as well as Spotify have web player and it provides additional compatibility to you. You can be able to play virtually anything with a web player. This particular feature is available with Apple Music. This particular feature gives Spotify and Google Play Music a strategic advantage over Apple Music.

In addition, while using the Google Play Music, you will have YouTube Red bundled in. A normal account will cost $9.99 and a family account will cost $14.99. While using Google Play, you will be able to authorize 10 devices and each device you will be re-authorize four devices.

Spotify Compatibility

Spotify supports android, iOS, Windows Phone. In addition, it has app for the PS3 and PS4. However, there web app Support available for you.

Spotify has launched way back in 2008 and it has currently 30 millions of songs. It also starts to support video as well as podcasts. It can read the locally supported music as well. However, you need to synchronize the content to the internal storage through Spotify Desktop Application.

Spotify comes up with a students account, which will cost $4.99. In order to use the student version, you must have to verify that you are truly a student. There are two more packages. You can take the normal package for $9.99 and the family package for $14.99.

If you are using family package, you will be able to connect up to six family members at the same time. It is also possible to use the Spotify free. If you do not mind having a little bit of advertisement, you can use the free service as it offers most of the services.

While using Spotify, you will be able to download 10,000 songs. You can be able to add 3,000 songs per device and you are allowed to use three devices per account. However, MusConv can help you transferring music and playlist from Google Play Music All Access to Spotify or vice versa.

Web app of spotify is an excellent service. Google Play Music All Access will support all except windows phone. It will offer app for android, iOS. In addition, it will be provided with Google Home Support and Android wear. Deezer and Tidal has application for Android and iOS. In addition, those have external web application for your use. However, you may find it difficult to find out an app for Windows Phone.

Otherwise, you will not have trouble finding out apps for any device. Only Windows phone users should be worried about finding apps. However, Spotify has apps for Windows phone. In addition to that, Deezer also has apps for Windows phone. As the services of Windows phone are almost dead, the software is not updated. Only Apple Music does not provide any web player via browser.

If you are working in a secured environment and your PC cannot be exposed to software like iTunes, you may find it difficult using Apple Music. It is also one of the key reasons, for which you may need to get away from Apple. Among those three services, Spotify has the largest support.

It can be added to some spots where no other service can be able to add. In addition, the homes are getting tech savvy and techs are getting developed. For this reason, the outlook of daily life apps is changing too. On an Android Wear Watch, Google Play Music will let you download tracks for offline playback.

However, if you are looking to transfer music across those three services mentioned here, you should use MusConv as it allows easy transferring.

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