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Grammy winner says what he will do with the Golden Gramophone

Imanbek Zeikenov, a 20-year-old sound-producer from Kazakhstan, said what he would do with the award received at the Grammy. When asked by the host of one of the popular shows, Ivan Urgant, Imanbek replied that friends advised to attach the Golden Gramophone to his car, which he bought for the funds received during the award. It is possible that he will.

Imanbek Zeikenov

As a joke, he also said that he learned about victory in the prestigious prize in the morning when he woke up from calls from friends. In total, his mobile phone had 90 missed calls. Many could not reach him. By the way, the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan could not get through, and Imanbek learned about the congratulations of the head of the republic from the Instagram feed. Imanbek also said that after winning the nomination «Best Remix», he was written by Brooklin rapper Saint Jhn, a remix of the song of which was recorded by a Kazakh DJ. He congratulated Imanbek and wished him good luck.

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The young talent admitted that he took the track of the Brooklyn rapper without his consent and did not even write about it to the author. The recording of the remix itself took only 2 hours and 14 minutes.

Today Imanbek has become a young pride of Kazakhstan and probably one of the most famous people in this country. The young DJ works on the railway, but after winning the Grammy, he decided to leave his job and get involved in creativity. Now he already has the money for this.

We can say that the victory of Imanbek at the most prestigious international music award Grammy was in a sense a happy combination of circumstances. He accidentally wrote remix, accidentally this remix was heard by a production company, accidentally he got on the radio. The winner himself admits that until the last moment he did not believe that he would get the Golden Gramophone.

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