Groover Selection Named Top Artists

Groover is a worldwide outreach service for independent singers and bands. In other words, it bridges the gap between artists and the specialized media so that releases have the right resonance.

Based on the results of the selection, the company named the best artists of the beginning of 2023. So, let’s talk about some of them.

By the way, many music lovers might not have heard some names of artists and bands before, since they perform in a rather specific musical niche.

  • Singer-songwriter, music producer and mixing engineer JANEX was born in Albania but currently lives in the United States. In this context, the artist has a distinctive style and a mature voice, as well as very well-crafted compositions. Thus, he bets on a danceable and fresh sound that sounds poppy, but not soft. First of all, the song “Good News” is an invitation to the listener to put aside worries and embrace life in all its naturalness. The track samples the upcoming JANEX EP, inspired by long car radio rides during the pandemic.
  • Madeleine Rosen defines her style as “indie pop and roll”. So, the singer-songwriter, who lives in Los Angeles, USA, is known for her synthesis of different sounds and her sarcastic and cheeky humor. The artist strives to write songs that evoke a wide range of emotions in people in a few minutes. Madeleine’s debut album was released a few weeks before the Covid-19 pandemic. In the last month of September, a second work called “Everyday Existential Crisis” was released. So here’s one of the album’s highlights that you can check out, Good Behavior. The track features rapper Dante Jukel and sounds intimate and mesmerizing.
  • RF Coleman is part of a team of eccentric artists with a story to tell. Check it out: the guy has already been shot, stabbed and poisoned with cyanide. However, those are the past. These days, Coleman channels his madness exclusively into music. In that sense, the Australian even turned down a major label deal to keep his freedom as an independent artist. What courage! Oh, it’s also worth mentioning that he occasionally acts as a photographer, writer, and filmmaker. All this explosive creativity culminated in high-quality tracks like “I Can’t Trust”, Coleman’s debut release. The single clearly draws on classical sources, but adds ultra-modern and even psychedelic elements.

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In turn, Coleman interprets all the characters from his past in the official video for the song. Struggling with his inner self, he seeks to gain self-confidence.

By the way, the Groover Selection playlist already has over 80 tracks, which is almost 5 hours of high-quality sound in total.

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