"Happy Nation" - One Of The Best Selling Albums

The most famous Swedish music group after ABBA, Ace of Base, has been performing since 1987. More than thirty-five years after their debut, despite several hiatuses, the group is still active.

This is a success story that we know very little about. The Swedish band Ace of Base, originally consisting of Jonas, Ulf, Lynn and Jenny, is now almost as famous as the Swedish ABBA. Born in 1987, the dream team first made a name for themselves with their techno music. The beginning is rather risky, and it takes several months for the first recording of “Wheel of Fortune” to be released.

Style turns into pop music that prefers simplicity. Their music is classified as “euro-pop”, in fact it is a mixture of pop and reggae. He is sometimes compared to mixed Scandinavian bands such as ABBA, Roxette and Aqua.

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But this is yet another title that will allow Ace of Base to achieve international prominence. It’s “Whatever She Wants”, a track between pop and dub reggae. The first album “Happy Nation” is released and becomes a hit in Europe. It has sold 23 million copies worldwide.

The second album “The Bridge” mixed ballads with dance songs. This mixture will allow it to go platinum in 14 countries. After a few shows in 1998, Ace of Base released “Flowers”, which would undoubtedly remain the band’s best album, as well as being a Top-10 music hits in the US.

The following year, the group released a 16-single collection, “Singles of the 90s”. The public then had to wait until 2002 to hear the band’s fourth album, “Da Capo”. the success is still there, but the group is floundering. In 2010 and 2015, the last opuses of the group “Golden Radio” and “Hidden Treasure” were released, respectively. In total, Ace of Base will collect more than fifteen awards,

The band remained true to the style that had sanctified them, but in a market where public tastes were changing, none of the new albums achieved the success of “Happy Nation”.

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