HD Quality Music Videos: Spotify or Tidal?

Spotify and Tidal are bright representatives of the music streaming world. Swedish music streaming service Spotify is number one in the market with around 36% market share. Tidal looks much more modest, he does not have such outstanding achievements, but at the same time he has his own special zest. It lies in the high quality of music and video content.

Do any of these streaming services offer HD quality music videos? They are on Tidal, not on Spotify. This is important to some, not to others (because YouTube can be turned on). Unfortunately, it is not always possible to find your favorite music videos in good quality on YouTube. There are fewer of them in Tidal, but in terms of image and sound quality they are often at a much higher level. It also happens that new music videos or other recordings, such as studio sessions or concerts, are first officially released on Tidal, and only after some time appear on YouTube, if at all.

Both music streaming services are good, though Tidal seems to be clearer, but that’s subjective. The most important things, such as your own playlists, saved albums, artists or recommended music in both services, are easily accessible on both PC and smartphone. On the other hand, for several years, most users have not yet encountered obvious errors and other problems in the Spotify for PC application, and in the case of Tidal, the application has been suspended or even completely terminated at least a dozen times.

Tidal will create your mix for you, which is an auto-generated playlist based on the music you like. Spotify has a Daily Mix in several versions – each Mix is ​​based on a different style or genre of music. Both of these solutions are useful and visible in the main interface of the PC and mobile apps. Each of the services finds and promotes new beginning performers in its own way.

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One thing that often comes in handy when creating playlists is the ability to quickly move songs to another location. Here mobile Tidal is better because you just need to hold your finger on the track and just drag it to another place, while on mobile Spotify you have to edit the playlist and drag it with a small slider.

The corresponding versions of the players can also be found, for example, on PS4, Xbox or Smart TV. Spotify definitely takes the lead here, with support for more devices.

Tidal and Spotify offer the ability to download songs to your smartphone and listen to them offline. This way you can download them via Wi-Fi at home and not waste your internet package on the go. It can also be useful when we travel, for example, by train and from time to time we lose connection with high-speed internet. When flying on an airplane, this is really necessary, unless someone is using the in-flight Wi-Fi.

So, in terms of video quality, Tidal is still ahead of Spotify. This suggests that Tidal is initially suitable for anyone who wants to not only listen to but also watch music videos in high quality.

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