Hercules DJ DJUCED

With the advent of many options for equipment for DJing and software for it, the process of mixing songs and creating new compositions

With DJUCED 5, Hercules DJ offers DJ software that offers a lot of features and really shouldn’t hide behind some of its competitors. The only drawback: if you want to use a DJ controller, the program only works with Hercules own DJ consoles. However, the so-called demo mode offers enough leeway for DJs using only laptops or for using an external audio interface.

DJUCED is DJ software. Built for four decks with extensive library management, playback, smart playback, history and favorite lists, recording function, integrated learning system, extensive effects hardware and performance features such as slicer, beat jump, hot cue, loop roll and co. .

The graphical user interface offers various views with 2-deck and 4-deck layouts in horizontal and vertical waveform views, as well as a 2-deck dual player view and a browser view with players. There’s also automatic track analysis, sync and mastering features, Ableton Link, keyboard shortcuts, and various customization options.

Many features are now mandatory for DJ software. DJUCED is designed for Hercules controllers, but the software is also free to use. This means that without certified equipment, you will have to do without some features. However, you can play on two decks with a laptop, use streaming, integrate all library functions, FX and remix functions, and an external audio interface.

A music library with batch analysis is one of the benefits of DJUCED software. Multi-core analysis has found its way into the next generation update. This brings us to DJUCED’s second innovation because the range has been expanded to include Beatport and Beatsource so there are now other musical options in addition to Qobuz. When it comes to choosing streaming providers, many DJs would like to see music streaming services such as Tidal or Deezer as well as SoundCloud as alternatives.

The graphical user interface of the software shows the current download status and analysis time when using streaming music – this allows you to estimate when the track will be ready to go.

Multi-core analysis combined with the use of streaming playlists would also be a time advantage. Want to analyze the current top 100 or popular playlist at a mainstream party in one go? It is possible, but it will take some time.

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Hercules DJUCED is DJ software with great features, useful features for everyday DJing, and an easy-to-use workflow.

The software update includes:

  • mixer effects
  • slip mode
  • enhanced streaming support
  • preparation view for track management and multi-core analysis, and step by step closes the gap with programs such as Virtual DJ, Mixvibes, Serato.

The software only wants to work with Hercules controllers anyway, or rather the internal concept. Therefore, the program does not support DVS, as well as support for video mixing. It’s great that DJUCED is available for free on current as well as some older Hercules DJ hardware, making it accessible and in demand for aspiring DJs who are just getting started in the music world.

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