Hercules DJ

The world famous company Hercules has created a new application DJControl Mix specifically for the Algoriddim djay program for iOS and Android devices. As the developers intended, the Hercules minicontroller became the ideal portable device.

The hardware includes two small jog wheels, a crossfader and volume controls for each channel. In addition, four pads with four modes (hot cue, loop, FX, sampler) control play and pause, as well as a slider to control the tempo.

With USB powered or built-in batteries, DJControl Mix can work wirelessly with Bluetooth or signal split cable when you want to use headphones. The unit is also equipped with a smartphone stand so you can use your phone as a screen and have a better view while mixing. People who have come across this miniature DJ are delighted with its functionality. It’s hard to imagine this controller as a serious musical instrument, but gadget lovers should be pleased.

You no longer need a laptop or heavy equipment to surprise and play a DJ set from your mobile phone in a second. The new controller can mix literally anywhere, and its price can be just as attractive for beginner DJs.

So, beginner DJs have gained the ability to quickly enter the profession with the help of high-performance special equipment for DJing.

The company Hercules does not want to go deeper into the professional market. Probably, even if they had such an opportunity, they would not do it. Hercules takes a very different view of the world of music.

The target audience of this equipment is children, students, teenagers and people who just want to try what DJing is, how it is to be a DJ, that is, not to stop, but to try. This is one of the reasons why these controllers are sold in large quantities in regular consumer stores.

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Devices from a popular company have become very popular, and this happened quite quickly. The application works perfectly on various operating systems, so it can be considered cross-platform.

And another advantage of the DJing application will be that it is completely undemanding to the resources of computer equipment, so it makes no sense for a novice DJ to get a loan and buy an expensive powerful laptop to fully use this application.

The manufacturing company has created a truly ingenious solution for those who do not have the opportunity to purchase a professional DJ application and equipment for fabulous money. At the same time, this budget option is almost in no way inferior to professional DJing applications in terms of its efficiency and ability to perform the tasks assigned to it.

So, we are dealing with an almost perfect price-quality ratio. It is this factor that has led to such a huge popularity of Hercules. If you ask several professional and well-known DJs about how they started, then most of them will point to Hercules.

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